A wellness sanctuary, locally grown

How did we get to be the best wellness center in Baltimore? We've stayed true to our roots! Our founder, Kelly Wilkes's fundamental belief has always been to make clients weep with joy, choose power over pain, and thrive not merely exist.

From that foundation, the seeds of Ojas were planted. We started with one small location in 2003 and in 2015 opened our fourth location in Columbia, MD. Even with our growth, our sole focus has always been on training and maintaining the best staff that exists in the industry so that we can bring the highest good to each and every client. We know how to help people and we will continue to build strong wellness communities for them!

The name Ojas was chosen for two reasons – the origin and the meaning. The word “Ojas” comes from the Ayurvedic tradition, which is a 5000-year-old healing system and the origin of modern yoga. In addition, Ojas means "Body In Bliss." Ojas is created within the body and when it is high, a person has feelings of peace, love, happiness, and well-being.

Baltimore Magazine awards:

  • Best Spa 2018
  • Best Spa 2017
  • Best Spa 2016
  • Best Spa 2015
  • Best Spa 2014
  • Best Massage 2013
  • Top 5 places to Pamper Your Skin 2011
  • Best Wellness Center 2009
  • Best Wellness Center 2008
  • Best Yoga Studio 2008